Annuity Distribution Team Earns BFA™ Designation

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BFA Designation

MADISON, Wis. – CUNA Mutual Group announced that its account management, wholesalers and sales management team have obtained their Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA™) designation after completing a rigorous course of study and training.

Behavioral finance is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the role that emotions play in financial decision making. CUNA Mutual Group believes this topic is especially relevant as markets undergo a period of increased volatility that may test investors’ capacity to remain focused on their long-term financial plans and goals.

“We’re committed to helping advisors help their clients to prepare for the certainty of uncertainty in life. There’s a misalignment on how advisors bring value to their clients and we are excited to share the tools and techniques our team developed during the behavioral finance training with our partners in the field.” said Martin Powell, vice president, head of annuity distribution, CUNA Mutual Group.

Offered through a partnership between Think2Perform and Kaplan Financial, the extensive BFA program culminated in a rigorous, proctored final exam to test understanding of behavioral finance concepts and its influence on investor behavior. The program provided the CUNA Mutual Group team with tools and techniques they can pass on to fellow advisors. Delivering insights that can help advisors truly differentiate their businesses and build stronger relationships with their clients by acknowledging the emotional elements of decision making.

“People get emotional about money,” said Chad Mueller, head of annuity sales, CUNA Mutual Group and a participant in the program. “The idea is not to ignore or minimize the role of emotions, but to understand them and place them in the context of an investor’s core values. If we can help our advisor partners steer clients toward decisions that are based on the client’s core values that matter most to them, then it’s going to result in deeper relationships for the advisors and better outcomes for their clients.”

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