Leverage the CUNA Mutual Group Annuities Team: 5 Tips for Advisors

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Advisors_Leverage_Annuities_TeamIn today’s world, there are arguably more tools available than ever before to equip financial advisors, making their jobs both easier and more challenging at the same time.

While the seemingly endless number of resources, predictive analytics, mobile technologies, investment platforms and other tools may help you grow your business by guiding clients toward wise investment decisions, those same tools may simultaneously present overwhelming and sometimes conflicting information.

The CUNA Mutual Group Annuities Team is available to help you make sense of today’s investment landscape and cut through the confusion in the following ways:

1. Elevate Advanced Planning Resources

Many of your clients may find themselves in complex financial situations, especially in light of recent market volatility. CUNA Mutual Group's ELEVATE Advanced Planning Resources is a self-serve library of valuable tools to help you develop meaningful strategies in the midst of ever-evolving financial and regulatory climates.

Elevate-LogoThe available resources are exclusive to appointed advisors and provide insights into annuity strategies, income planning, rollover options, legacy planning, tax implications and numerous other topics. Plus, there’s a robust support team to answer questions, make recommendations and guide you toward the resources and strategies that may be most helpful.

2. Sales Support

Whether you have questions about investment strategies or products, or are wondering how best to guide a client through a unique investment challenge, our experienced sales desk support team is here to help. In addition to email and phone, virtual meetings with screen sharing are available.

Rely on our team and their decades of industry experience to provide accurate insights. Information can be shared digitally through secure website access at smartriskcontrol.com, helping you streamline back-office operations.

3. Acceleration Program

Fueling business growth requires staying on top of leading-edge industry trends, topics and technology. Acceleration is a professional development program uniquely designed for advisors who are eager to take their skills to the next level.

The program consists of six educational modules, each with its own unique focus:

  1. SHOW & SELL — What you need to plan, stage and follow up on a successful and engaging event or presentation
  2. IN-BRANCH REFERRALS — Leverage the place and the people you know, turning the place you work into the place you grow
  3. CLIENT REFERRALS — Learn ways to ask for and act on client referrals
  4. BEHAVIORAL FINANCE IN ACTION — Tips for adopting the behavioral finance methodology of conversation and engagement
  5. MAXIMIZING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS — Create an action plan that helps you focus on your top clients and demonstrate your full value
  6. SETTING YOUR SOCIAL STRATEGY — Expand ways to build relationships beyond the confines of your office

4. Behavioral Finance Insights

Emotions may run high during extreme market volatility, leading some to make short-sighted decisions. As an advisor, you know that a client’s emotional state may be a major factor in determining their eventual financial state.

The wholesalers at CUNA Mutual Group bring a wide skill set to the table, including insights into how to mitigate the risks of making rash decisions based on fear and anxiety.  The Behavioral Finance methodology helps you guide clients based on how they actually behave rather than how they “should” behave, so you can help them navigate the certainty of uncertainty. 

5. Product Team

Some advisors recall the days of highly complex annuity contracts that were difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain to clients, let alone sell. The innovative and refreshingly straight-forward annuity products offered by CUNA Mutual Group may help dispel many of the myths surrounding annuities that have hindered your clients from taking advantage of all they have to offer.

Risk-averse clients may feel a higher level of confidence and comfort in the guaranteed income stream offered by a wide range of today’s annuity products. Information can be found on our products page, and the experienced and knowledgeable product team is available to answer questions and offer recommendations based on your client’s situation.

These complex financial times don’t need to be made more complicated with the products you offer to your clients. Leverage the tools offered to appointed advisors to help you grow your business and your advisor skills. Connect with us today.

Not appointed? We’d love to help you get started. Simply click the link below.


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