It’s National Annuity Awareness Month: Pass it on!

posted in Annuity, Client Relationships Jun 23, 2020


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Four Annuities and When to Recommend Them

posted in Annuity Mar 3, 2020

You know annuities can be powerful tools, yet aren’t the right strategy for everyone or every situation. And annuities vary so widely in what they can do, it really requires some searching to determine an annuity’s effectiveness for each client’s situation.

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“And the Lifetime Achievement Award goes to…Fixed-Rate and Index Annuities!”

posted in Annuity Jan 21, 2020

In less than three weeks, the annual Oscars® will be presented for the best films of last year. 

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CUNA Mutual Group Rolls Out Zone Income™ Annuity

posted in Annuity Aug 20, 2019

MADISON, Wis. – CUNA Mutual Group today announced the launch of Zone Income Annuity, which includes features that address all phases of retirement, including a protected lifetime income feature that locks in a minimum income stream to the policyholder for life. The new product also expands choices of investment indexes to which holders can link performance to include the S&P 500, the Russell 2000 and the MSCI EAFE.

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Annuity Taxes — What Your Clients Need to Know

posted in Annuity Apr 9, 2019

As April 15 draws near, many of your clients may face uncertainty about whether they should claim various investment income on their taxes and, if so, how. This is especially true in light of recent tax code changes signed into law — the first major revisions since 1986.1

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CUNA Mutual Group Annuity Exec Offers Perspective on Industry Growth in Advisor Publication

posted in Annuity Mar 26, 2019

Martin Powell, Head of Annuity Distribution was quoted extensively in a recent article in Financial Planning that focused on overall growth in the annuity market and the growing demand for guaranteed income products. The article, citing new data from LIMRA, noted that fixed indexed annuity sales soared by 40% year-over-year in the fourth quarter to $19.5 billion, which it attributed to equity volatility and rising interest rates.

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Cash May Not Deserve Its Bad Rap, But Annuities May Be Better Strategies

posted in Annuity Mar 19, 2019

As an asset class, cash generally elicits one of two responses from investors: “cash is king” or “cash is trash.”1 Most of your clients probably are in one camp or the other, while some could be conflicted. On the one hand, they may see the positive benefits of holding onto cash — shielding against the unexpected or having more flexibility to invest as opportunities arise.2 On the other hand, they may harbor a genuine fear of missing out on investment returns and resulting portfolio growth.3

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How Income Annuities Can Help Bridge the Widening Retirement Income Gap

posted in Annuity Mar 12, 2019

In the 1980s, 60% of U.S. companies offered employees pension plans.1 In the decades since, that number has dropped radically to 4%.1 Pensions gave way to 401(k) plans, leaving employees to tend to their retirement savings themselves. The freedom to make decisions about future finances may be liberating to some, but statistics suggest otherwise. Only 41% of eligible employees contribute to a 401(k) plan, and many of those who do enroll aren’t setting aside enough money, investing appropriately, or considering the financial consequences of market downturns.1

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4 Truths About Annuities That Your Clients May Not Know

posted in Annuity Aug 7, 2018

As a financial advisor, you’ve likely talked to many clients about annuities and how they could play a beneficial role in an individual’s overall retirement income strategy. It’s also possible that you may have met with some objections or needed to provide some clarity around annuity perceptions and reality.

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