Economic Commentary: Indicators Investors Should Monitor To Understand Market Direction

posted in Economic Commentary, Financial Life Cycles Mar 20, 2018

World financial markets are at an important inflection point. The extended period of market calm, complacency and record-low volatility has ended for the current investment cycle. The risk to both equity and bond markets is that economic data are too strong rather than too weak, creating a negative environment for inflation, monetary policy and interest rates.

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Is 100 the New 80? Insights into Mitigating Increasing Longevity Risks

posted in Client Relationships, Financial Life Cycles Oct 24, 2017

More Americans are reaching the age of 100 than ever before. The number of centenarians rose an astonishing 44% since the year 2000.1 Even more surprising is that some studies suggest half of all children born this century may live to at least 100 years old.2

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The History of the Dow — Why Risk Control Matters More Than Ever

posted in Financial Life Cycles Sep 19, 2017

When you look back at life in America over the past century or so, it’s amazing to see the progress made in society. Just a little more than 100 years ago there were only 45 stars on the flag, the average worker earned between $200 and $400 annually, and only two out of 10 adults could read and write.1

No matter how heavily your clients are involved in the market, they’re likely familiar with iconic periods in our nation’s history that center on how well the Dow Jones performed at the time. In 1929, most notably, financial panic ensued because of the stock market crash which led into the Great Depression. And in more recent history, the market’s downward spiral and global financial crisis of 2007-2008 still haunt some wary investors.

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How to Talk with Investors During Each Phase of Life

posted in Financial Life Cycles Mar 24, 2017

As you age, it’s easier to reflect back on the phases of life and appreciate the role each played in forming the person you are today. There were the awkward teen years, the aspirational college years, then a career, family and maybe even a dream home. Before you know it, retirement approaches and you wonder where time went.

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