Why Financial Advisors Need to Develop and Implement a Succession Plan

posted in Retirement, Inheritance Apr 24, 2018

You’ve built a career on helping clients prepare for their retirement, but have you thought about how you’ll handle yours? 

Many advisors view creating a formal succession plan as a “someday” task, as evidenced by only about 30% of financial advisors having a plan in place1. That’s not to suggest advisors underestimate the importance of having a succession plan, but rather that there are often significant personal and professional considerations that could increase the desire to delay.

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Key Questions to Ask and Answer When a Client Inherits a House

posted in Inheritance Jan 2, 2018

Home ownership is an eagerly anticipated goal for many, and the house purchased is a valued asset. But, what happens when the homeowner dies and passes along their prized possession to the surviving family?

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Practical Advice for Clients Who Inherit Money

posted in Inheritance Jun 20, 2017

The circumstances surrounding a large inheritance usually involve a combination of emotions—sorrow over the loss of a loved one and appreciation for the financial gain. When your client is faced with a decision about what to do with an inheritance, he or she may need guidance to help avoid any pitfalls.

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