The 5 Most Important Decisions Before Retirement

posted in Retirement Feb 12, 2019

Those nearing retirement often think about the places they’ll go and the things they’ll do with all their new-found free time. Before dreaming of what they’ll do, however, soon-to-be retirees need to determine when they’ll make some major decisions leading up to that time.

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5 Dangers of Being an Empty Nest Investor

posted in Retirement Jan 22, 2019

Raising a family is exponentially more expensive today than in the past; costs rose 40 percent alone in the first 10 years of the new Millennium and, as of 2015, an average of $233,610 was spent to raise a child until he or she reached age 18, not including college.1 As the cost of living increases, those figures will only continue to rise.

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Is Funding Children’s Educations Putting Clients’ Retirements At Risk?

posted in Retirement Jan 15, 2019

It’s a question that confounds some clients, and probably has them turning to you for guidance: Do I save for retirement or for my child’s college education?

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IRS Announces Cost Of Living Adjustments For The 2019 Tax Year

posted in Retirement Dec 4, 2018

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently released cost of living adjustments (COLA) affecting dollar limitations for pension plans and other retirement-related items for the 2019 tax year.

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Are Baby Boomers Misinformed About How Much To Save For Retirement?

posted in Retirement Nov 27, 2018

There are an estimated 77 million Baby Boomers in the United States1 who collectively drive about $7.6 trillion in annual economic activity.2That’s a lot of people making decisions about how to spend a lot of dollars, but how much are Baby Boomers saving for retirement?

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10 Questions Married Couples Need Their Financial Advisors To Ask

posted in Retirement, Client Relationships Nov 20, 2018

Retirement can be exciting, but it’s also a major life and financial transition. The stress brought about by the inevitable changes surrounding retirement can cause rifts significant enough for people to contemplate divorce.1 To a lesser degree, it can make the estimated 1 in 3 married couples who don’t have a shared vision of their golden years2 confront what could be difficult realities, including financial discord.

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Is Early Retirement Always a Healthy Decision?

posted in Retirement Oct 30, 2018

For many, early retirement is its own reward. Being freed from the “rat race” of long commutes, deadlines, workplace stress and continual attempts at work-life balance makes the leisurely pace of retirement just that much sweeter. Also, having the time to dedicate to a healthier lifestyle — exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep — contributes to a general sense of well-being.1

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What Can Clients Learn From You About Their Retirement?

posted in Retirement Oct 16, 2018

Retirement planning puts clients’ futures front and center, forcing them to consider the “what ifs” and “I wants” of their golden years. It’s not surprising, then, that clients attach certain expectations to their retirement plans that fall within four general categories:1 

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5 Things Couples Need To Consider Before Retirement

posted in Retirement Sep 25, 2018

Every person defines “retirement” on his or her own terms, and those individual views of this major life event can cause friction between married couples. One spouse may want to travel more; the other wants to stay put and enjoy volunteering in the community. Couples can generally compromise on how they’ll spend their newly found free time. However, there are some larger issues surrounding retirement that require couples be on the same page, whether the “golden years” are decades off or just around the corner.

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3 Things That Could Impact The Quality Of Your Clients’ Retirement

posted in Retirement Jul 31, 2018

As your clients near retirement, many of them think ahead to how they’ll spend their new-found time and look forward to pursuing the many activities they’ve anxiously anticipated “doing in retirement.” Their excitement is certainly understandable. They’ve earned their leisure time and all that goes with it.

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