Help Clients Avoid Taking Social Security Too Early

posted in Advanced Planning, Retirement Planning Nov 5, 2019

Retirement should be a time when your clients glide into the most peaceful and satisfying years of their lives. A time when finances aren’t so critical, and decisions are care-free.

However, retirement has changed, and some trends have reshaped our traditional view of retirement. One factor you may have heard discussed by some retirees is “Social Security regret,” which is them feeling like they made a mistake in their decision to collect. Many feel they’re taking benefits too soon.

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How Entitled Children Can Jeopardize Their Parents' Retirement

posted in Advanced Planning, Retirement Planning Oct 15, 2019

When meeting with clients to discuss their risk tolerances and explore potential “what-if” scenarios, you’ll likely uncover many concerns. Topping the list of possible threats to someone’s nest egg will undoubtedly be market downturns, healthcare costs, or even outliving their retirement savings.

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Which Generates More Retirement Income — Bonds or Annuities?

posted in Advanced Planning, Retirement Planning Oct 8, 2019

So, this article’s headline grabbed you, and you want a knock-down battle between bonds and annuities. We’ll get there, but let’s first take a moment to review why having some guaranteed sources of lifetime income (in addition to Social Security) is often recommended by financial advisors.1

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Financial Risks to Retirees Over 75

posted in Retirement Planning Oct 1, 2019

The population of Americans age 75 and over is projected to double by 2040.1 That’s even after taking into account that life expectancy numbers have dropped slightly for three straight years (mostly due to upticks in drug overdoses and suicides).2 The fact is that more and more Americans will reach advanced ages.

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5 Changing Retirement Trends Advisors Need to Know

posted in Retirement Planning Sep 3, 2019

As recently as two decades ago, retirement was seen by many as a fixed, reliable life milestone. You reached a certain age and immediately shifted into relaxation mode. Today, however, retirement looks and feels different. A new career choice is common, some may pursue hobbies, or a retiree could dedicate a majority of time to volunteering.

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CUNA Mutual Group Products on Barron’s Top 100 Annuities Lists

posted in Retirement Planning, News & Press Aug 6, 2019

Deferred income annuity makes repeat appearance; MEMBERS Zone Annuity debuts in new Floor-Style category;

MADISON, Wis. – CUNA Mutual Group announced that Barron’s included several of its products in “The 100 Best Annuities” feature. The MEMBERS® Future Income Annuity, which turns a lump sum of money into a lifelong income stream and appeared on the publication’s Deferred Income Annuity pension and longevity lists for the second consecutive year. In addition, the MEMBERS® Zone Annuity, which lets investors control their maximum potential annual loss, debuted on the publication’s first-ever Floor-Style list.

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Couples Need Retirement Planning to Address Age Gaps

posted in Retirement Planning Jul 9, 2019

In general, people marry someone close in age. However, when it comes to remarrying, the numbers shift a bit, which likely won’t surprise you.

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4 Myths About Social Security to Clear Up With Financial Clients

posted in Retirement Planning Jun 25, 2019

Established in 1935 to help alleviate the poverty-related challenges seniors were facing, the Social Security Administration has been actively providing monthly benefits to qualified individuals since 1940.1

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Charitable Giving: Women and Men Give Differently in Retirement

posted in Retirement Planning Jun 18, 2019

If may be no surprise to read that overall spending of men and women in the five years before and after retirement declines by an average of 16%. You’ve likely heard that from your clients at some point. Even with that overall spending drop, a household’s charitable giving remains steady, according to a report by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI).1

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Almost Half of Americans Near Retirement Fail Social Security Quiz

posted in Retirement Planning Jun 11, 2019

Social Security retirement benefits are crucial to many in retirement, yet many near-retirees don’t know the basics, and it could cost them money in the future, according to a consumer poll1 by MassMutual Life Insurance Co.

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