Help Clients Avoid Taking Social Security Too Early

posted in Social Security, Advanced Planning Nov 5, 2019

Retirement should be a time when your clients glide into the most peaceful and satisfying years of their lives. A time when finances aren’t so critical, and decisions are care-free.

However, retirement has changed, and some trends have reshaped our traditional view of retirement. One factor you may have heard discussed by some retirees is “Social Security regret,” which is them feeling like they made a mistake in their decision to collect. Many feel they’re taking benefits too soon.

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4 Social Security Myths Your Clients Believe (and Advice You Can Give Them)

posted in Social Security Jun 25, 2019

Established in 1935 to help alleviate the poverty-related challenges seniors were facing, the Social Security Administration has been actively providing monthly benefits to qualified individuals since 1940.1

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Social Security Quiz Stumps Nearly Half of Near-retirees

posted in Social Security Jun 11, 2019

Social Security retirement benefits are crucial to many in retirement, yet many near-retirees don’t know the basics, and it could cost them money in the future, according to a consumer poll1 by MassMutual Life Insurance Co.

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Re-Strategizing Retirement In Light Of Ongoing Social Security Woes

posted in Social Security Jan 8, 2019

Social Security is going bankrupt! It’s an often-repeated statement and widely held belief, particularly among those at or approaching retirement age — it’s also not true.1 While the program will effectively deplete its asset reserves by paying out more to beneficiaries than it generates starting in 2018 and through 2034,1 benefits will likely still be available to qualified retirees, albeit reduced by about 25 percent.2

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5 Things Women Need To Know About Social Security Benefits

posted in Social Security Sep 11, 2018

Social Security benefits are a popular topic of discussion these days — will they be available? What percentage? How long? For whom?

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