Horizon Annuity

We created the Horizon Variable Annuity to help your clients ride out volatility and stay invested long-term. It’s an investment platform that combines the growth potential of full market exposure with guaranteed, personalized limits on loss – all in one place. The choices Horizon offers make it a flexible and customizable option, suitable for many different types of investors.

How it worksgraph-C.png

  • Clients split assets between a variable side and a risk control side
  • The variable side offers a choice of almost 50 funds from top-tier fund managers, covering the full range of asset classes
  • Proprietary risk control accounts link to the S&P 500, MSCI EAFE, or both, and enable clients to put guaranteed floors on their chosen index, ranging from 0 to -10%

Why investors choose Horizon

  1. A simple yet comprehensive investment platform
  2. Personalized, guaranteed loss protection
  3. A choice of six pre-built express portfolios or ability to custom-build their own

Horizon Annuity Guide


Why We Built Them
“Whether you're helping aggressive investors protect their retirement savings or trying to move nervous savers off the sidelines, Horizon can help improve clients' financial futures.”

David Hanzlik Vice President, CUNA Mutual Group

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