Zone Annuity

We created the Zone annuity from MEMBERS Life Insurance Company to help your clients customize their level of upside potential and downside protection. It’s a simple, transparent index-linked annuity that helps your clients enjoy the benefits of market participation while remaining within their comfort zone. 

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Barron’s recognized Members® Zone Annuity in their “Top 100 Annuities-and How to Choose the Best for You” article. (Downloadable PDF)

How it works

graph-B.pngClients choose how they’ll participate in the market by allocating between 2 accounts:

  • Clients set a guaranteed floor on their index strategy, ranging from 0% to -10%.
  • The Secure Account has a declared rate cap and a 0% rate floor. Credited interest on dollars in the Secure Account can never be less than 0% or more than the current cap. If the S&P 500 experiences a loss in a given year, the value in the Secure Account is protected. Dollars invested in this account are safe from market downturns and receive modest growth potential.
  • The Growth Account has a higher declared rate cap and a -10% rate floor. In times of strong market performance, dollars in the Growth Account can receive higher index interest, but are also subject to market risk of -10%. Dollars invested in this account can experience limited losses if the market is down, but when the market is up these dollars have more room to grow.
  • Clients can change their “comfort zone” every year

Why investors choose Zone

  1. Double-digit upside growth potential
  2. Personalized guaranteed loss protection
  3. Flexibility to adjust "zone" annually
  4. No M&E&A fees

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Why We Built Them
“To gain from the market, investors have to enjoy a balance of risk and reward that’s right for them; we know that you, too, need the right balance of risk and reward. We developed Zone and Horizon annuities because it represents an approach to risk management that offers new opportunities in diversified investing and a way for you to help investors get back into the market while avoiding some of its volatility.”

David Hanzlik Vice President, CUNA Mutual Group

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