NEW! Zone IncomeTM Annuity

Risk-controlled growth potential


Protected lifetime income

Introducing the NEW retirement math.

More than ever before, clients need both growth and income — market participation that holds off inflation and a guaranteed, reliable source of funds they can use to make future plans.

The NEW CUNA Mutual Group Zone Income™ Annuity is a retirement strategy that offers all-in-one growth potential with downside protection, plus predictable income for life.

Zone Income brings your clients:

CMG108_Icon Comformt Zone

A personalized “comfort zone”

Clients can decide how much of their payment to allocate to the allocation options. Three options link performance to an index and one invests at a declared rate. Once they set an allocation, they choose a risk/reward zone for each index by allocating between the secure and growth accounts, ensuring the right mix of upside potential and downside protection.


CMG108_Icon Guaranteed Life

A guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit

Clients can begin receiving lifetime income while still growing their investment with the GLWB, which can provide both single and joint income. The withdrawal rate increases every year clients hold their contract before starting income, up to a maximum of 10 years.


CMG108_Icon Beneficiary

A way to leave a legacy

Zone Income’s Return of Premium (ROP) death benefit ensures named beneficiaries will receive a sum equal to your original purchase payment, minus withdrawals they made during their lifetime. It’s a dollar-for-dollar benefit.

Make the path to retirement make sense.

Zone Income is here. For more information, talk to your wholesaler and visit

Annuities are long-term insurance products designed for retirement purposes. Many registered annuities offer four main features: (1) a selection of investment options, (2) tax-deferred earnings accumulation, (3) guaranteed lifetime payout options, and (4) death benefit options. Before investing, consider the annuity’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. The prospectus contains this and other information. Please encourage clients to read it carefully.

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