Work smarter, serve clients better

Help give your business a boost with Acceleration®


Time is money — your clients’ and yours

We created our Acceleration® program to be just the fuel for thought and action advisors want and need to help advance your business and grow.

The program is backed by decades of experience in the financial services space. It features six modules, each one spotlighting a client service or business management approach that can make a measurable difference in your business results.

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Acceleration® covers high-impact topics that can help fuel advisor success


Show and sell

Learn how to host seminars that help turn prospects into clients … and clients into lifelong relationships.

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Tools and guides for advisors

  • Guides to help maximize outcomes
  • Tips for identifying your best in-branch referral sources
  • How-to tips for branch colleagues to recognize and make effective referrals


In-branch referrals

How to establish and cultivate referral business to help turbo-boost your client roster, starting right in the branch where you work.

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Tools and guides for advisors

  • Catalog of turnkey presentations 
  • Seminar planning timeline and checklists
  • Tips to help you make a great impression


Client referrals

Referrals from current clients can become your most efficient, valuable strategy for building new business.

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Tools and guides for advisors

  • Step-by-step guide for building your referral program
  • Tracking tool for monitoring progress
  • Client conversation guide


Behavioral finance in action

Help clients address emotions around financial decision-making to improve client engagement — and your value.

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Tools and guides for advisors

  • Guide to helping clients prepare for life events
  • Discussion tips
  • Action item checklist


Maximizing client relationships

Taking a long-term approach can help you develop deeper, more engaged client relationships to last a lifetime.

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Tools and guides for advisors

  • Guide to help you make the most of long-term client engagement
  • Communications roadmap
  • Client satisfaction survey


Setting your social strategy

Social media can be a powerful addition to your business development plan. Learn how to stand out and make it work for you.

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Tools and guides for advisors

  • Guide to a variety of social media platforms
  • Tips to set your personalized social strategy
  • Action plan for connecting with new prospects and strengthening current connections