Fixed annuities 

Help your clients simplify retirement income planning

Financial professionals tell us many clients understand the basics of retirement planning but when it comes to annuities, clients often find complex contracts confusing.

Fixed annuities offer a straightforward approach to securing guaranteed retirement income. They can offer clients steady, fixed rates of interest, tax-deferred growth and the benefit of worrying less about market loss or running out of money in retirement.

Our multi-year guaranteed annuity was designed to provide a guaranteed interest rate for three, five or seven years.

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Clients nearing (or in) retirement may need help creating a strategy for a steady stream of income.

Registered index-linked annuities

Registered index-linked annuities (RILAs) can offer clients market-linked growth potential balanced with a measure of downside protection.

Variable index-linked annuities

Here’s a new way to look at diversified investing that combines the flexibility of variable funds with the loss protection of market risk control.


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