Income annuities 

Customized income solutions to help your clients improve their retirement income security

It’s been decades since most retirees could rely on a traditional pension plan, alongside some guaranteed income from Social Security, to help them remain financially secure in retirement.

Today, as pensions are less and less common, Social Security often fails to maintain the standard of living many retirees want to achieve. Income annuities can help you provide clients with a vehicle for future retirement planning to set up a guaranteed income stream that can be customized to meet their goals — for a set period of time or for the rest of their lives.

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You can offer a stable, tax-deferred way for risk-averse clients to grow their savings and guarantee income to help pay for retirement.

Registered index-linked annuities

Registered index-linked annuities (RILAs) can offer clients market-linked growth potential balanced with a measure of downside protection.

Variable index-linked annuities

Here’s a new way to look at diversified investing that combines the flexibility of variable funds with the loss protection of market risk control.


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