MEMBERS® Future Income Annuity

Help clients maximize their retirement security with the power of deferral

MEMBERS® Future Income Annuity (FIA), underwritten by CMFG Life Insurance Company, puts the power of deferral to work to help clients maximize their guaranteed future income. Clients can create a steady stream of income for the future by depositing money now, to help make up for the pensions of yesteryear — without the worry of market risk. And it can be structured to meet clients’ specific needs, while offering the assurance of never running out of money.


trustage-100-best-annuitiesMEMBERS® Future Income Annuity, issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company, is recognized by

Barron's in The Best Annuities for Income and Growth in 2023.


How does MEMBERS® Future Income Annuity work?

  • Clients use a lump sum to purchase the FIA contract, and then decide when in the future they’ll start receiving payments.
  • The longer they choose to wait for payments to start, the bigger those monthly payments will be.
  • Clients are insulated from market volatility and protected from longevity risk.
  • An annual cost-of-living adjustment is also available.
  • Clients can help provide financial security to their loved ones by choosing from among a variety of death benefit options.

Why do clients choose it?

Clients choose MEMBERS® Future Income Annuity for its custom options that enable them to personalize their retirement income strategy with a guaranteed income stream. Features include:
  • Multiple payment-type options that put the growth power of deferral to work.
  • Protection from longevity, market, inflation and interest-rate risks.
  • Available benefits that can extend beyond the individual owner to help take care of loved ones after the contract owner’s death.
  • No annual charges.


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