CUNA Mutual Group annuities are designed to help meet clients who need an alternative to fixed-income products – products that allow them to meet growth and preservation goals within their distinct tolerances for risk.

Easy to understand.
Easy to sell.

Both MEMBERS® Zone and Horizon annuities from MEMBERS Life Insurance Company represent an innovative way to turn savers back into investors, creating a clear and simple path to risk control and market-powered growth potential. Each annuity is customizable and flexible, and empowers clients to invest at a comfort level that’s right for them.
MEMBERS® Single Premium Immediate and Future Income Annuities are practical solutions for ensuring steady, predictable and guaranteed lifetime retirement income without the worry of market volatility or longevity risk. Each annuity offers opportunities for investors to plan — and live — the retirement they envisioned, and also ensure the financial security they’re worked hard to achieve is passed on to their beneficiaries.

We back your efforts not only with an experienced wholesaling team and dedicated call center, but with consumer marketing materials and web-based sales tools that make it easy to bring all the benefits of CUNA Mutual Group annuities to life. Our annuity products can help you:

  • Rethink risk control
  • Provide annuities from a partner with more than 80 years of experience
  • Overcome clients’ volatility concerns
  • Market growth potential and guaranteed limits on loss
  • Provide fee transparency
  • Deliver a product that’s easy to understand, easy to explain and easy to sell

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