Using client behavior to uncover financial solutions.

When it comes to investing, meeting the needs of your clients means understanding the emotions, attitudes and impulses that drive decision-making. So, in partnership with Kaplan’s think2perform program, we offer an award-winning Behavioral Finance Advice program and guidance through our BFA™-certified wholesalers.

You’ll be able to:

  • Help guide and prepare clients for unplanned life events
  • Improve client decision-making using a rational, values-based approach
  • Differentiate yourself — becoming a trusted financial advisor and coach to the clients you serve

Interactive Experience

Help your clients align their investments with the things they value most.

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Our Behavioral Finance Advice Program won Class of 2021 Award in the Products, Programs & Services - Other category1

The Smart Money Philosophy

The Smart Money Philosophy is a buy-and-be-smart strategy that allows clients to achieve their goals even when facing uncertainties about what will happen during their lifetimes.

You can’t predict the future, but you can help clients prepare for the future.


The Certainty of Uncertainty

As financial stress rises, emotional competence falls. If you help people with their financial stress, you can help them make them better, more informed financial decisions.


The Behavior Gap

Studies like the DALBAR Investor Behavior Research demonstrate that there’s a consistent gap between what clients want and what they actually do. Discover why investments often perform better than investors themselves.


From Money Manager to Financial Advisor

Today, clients are seeking a more personal — and personalized — approach to their financial lives. They're looking for a financial advisor, someone who offers empathy and understanding in addition to investment expertise. The journey from money manager to financial advisor can start with Behavioral Finance Advice.


Helping Clients Navigate Pandemic-Related Stress

The pandemic has dramatically altered the ways people work, parent, attend school and even buy basic necessities. This resource will help you offer ideas your clients can use to successfully respond to the day-to-day challenges and financial difficulties they may face.

The Backbone of Financial Planning

One of the best ways for financial advisors to prepare their clients for the certainty of uncertainty is through behavioral financial advice. While most advisors function as money managers for their clients, enhancing technical financial expertise with behavioral financial advice positions an advisor as a trusted resource who meets the needs of today’s investors.

Overcome Your Fears About the Future

Circumstances and economic conditions can shift, but when your clients are rooted in their financial approach, they can feel confident about their investment decisions, despite market volatility.

An advisor’s guide to behavioral finance

Focusing on why people behave the way they do when making financial decision is the basis for behavioral finance. It’s finding its place alongside financial planning and investment strategies as a necessary way for advisors to provide full client value.

This tool explores clients’ motivators, biases and limitation surrounding finance so advisors can help define purposeful, value-based goals and investment decisions.

Uncovering values

Kaplan’s think2perform offers an interactive experience you can use with clients to pinpoint the hopes, attitudes, fears and ambitions that can help them live – and invest – in alignment with the things they value most.

Get started with our award-winning Behavioral Finance Advice program by contacting your wholesaler or call 847.345.GROW (4769), option 1.

1. ThinkAdvisor, "Meet the LUMINARIES Class of 2021", August 16, 2021.

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