Registered index-linked annuities

Solutions created to address a range of needs as diverse as your clients

Financial circumstances vary from person to person — and from one life stage to the next. Client concerns about accumulation, income and legacy can arise at different times, or all together. A registered index-linked annuity can offer a solution. It’s linked to the performance of a market index to calculate gains or losses, offering some clients growth opportunities they might not otherwise seek.

The two annuities below can help address accumulation and legacy goals, and the TruStage™ Zone Income Annuity underwritten by MEMBERS Life Insurance Company can help clients with income goals, too. Here are three key RILA features to discuss with your clients:


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You can offer a stable, tax-deferred way for risk-averse clients to grow their savings and guarantee income to help pay for retirement.


Clients nearing (or in) retirement may need help creating a strategy for a steady stream of income.

Variable index-linked annuities

Here’s a new way to look at diversified investing that combines the flexibility of variable funds with the loss protection of market risk control.


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