TruStage™ ZoneChoice Annuity

Seek growth opportunities, protect a nest egg … or both?

Many traditional investments can have potential for significant gains — but they can’t protect against catastrophic losses when markets drop. Meanwhile, “safe” investments can lack opportunities for growth.

TruStage™ ZoneChoice Annuity underwritten by MEMBERS Life Insurance Company is a registered index-linked annuity that lets clients craft a personalized strategy that balances growth potential and downside risks all in one investment.

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trustage-100-best-annuitiesTruStage™ ZoneChoice Annuity, issued by MEMBERS Life Insurance Company, is recognized by

Barron's in The Best Annuities for Income and Growth in 2023.


How does TruStage™ ZoneChoice Annuity work?

  • TruStage™ ZoneChoice Annuity is a registered index-linked annuity that includes 12 distinct accounts within one product.
  • With ZoneChoice, your clients can allocate their purchase payment to different accounts to create a personalized strategy to balance growth potential and protection.
  • Clients receive interest linked to the performance of one or more market indexes or a declared rate account.
  • Dollars linked to an index lock in earnings based on the change in the index value from the start to the end of the account interest term, including 1-year and 6-year account options.
  • Clients can select from buffers, floors, a declared rate account or a combination.

Why do clients choose it?

  • Clients can select their preferred combination of buffers and floors to strike an ideal balance of tax-deferred growth potential and protection against dramatic loss.
  • There are no surprises and no explicit fees — so what your clients see is what they get.
  • In times of critical need or health hardships, clients have the ability to access the contract value.
  • Death benefit protection helps clients provide for their loved ones.


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