5 Things Couples Need To Consider Before Retirement

posted in Retirement Sep 25, 2018

Every person defines “retirement” on his or her own terms, and those individual views of this major life event can cause friction between married couples. One spouse may want to travel more; the other wants to stay put and enjoy volunteering in the community. Couples can generally compromise on how they’ll spend their newly found free time. However, there are some larger issues surrounding retirement that require couples be on the same page, whether the “golden years” are decades off or just around the corner.

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Is Diversification the Key to Success?

posted in Risk Tolerance Sep 18, 2018

Taking a look at historical market performance, it’s easy to see that asset classes fall in and out of favor with great frequency.

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5 Things Women Need To Know About Social Security Benefits

posted in Social Security Sep 11, 2018

Social Security benefits are a popular topic of discussion these days — will they be available? What percentage? How long? For whom?

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What Does It Take To Make — And Keep — Clients Happy?

posted in Client Relationships Sep 4, 2018

You’re probably familiar with the reasons why clients choose a financial advisor:

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Letting Go: When And How To Part Ways With A Difficult Client

posted in Client Relationships Aug 28, 2018

For financial advisors, building client relationships is essential to growing business. “Firing” a client, then, seems counterintuitive and can be uncomfortable. However, from time to time, you’re left with no choice but to part ways.

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Could Your Clients Absorb the Financial Impact of a Natural Disaster?

posted in Client Relationships Aug 21, 2018

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has designated September as “National Preparedness Month” to encourage Americans to remain vigilant about the possibility for and handling of disasters and emergencies that could crop up in their homes, businesses and communities1. While a good practice, chances are for most people being prepared for a natural disaster or other event eventually slips from being top-of-mind. However, it only takes a glance at the headlines or a nightly news broadcast to understand that catastrophic events — like wildfires2 or flooding3 — can happen nearly anywhere, at any time.

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Pension Tension: How Dwindling Defined Benefits Plans Could Impact Clients

Aug 14, 2018

The many woes of the Social Security program are well documented, and fixes to save it from collapse remain hotly debated. While those currently receiving or close to receiving benefits are rightfully focused on Social Security’s future, there’s another national financial crisis looming that could leave some retirees reeling.

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4 Truths About Annuities That Your Clients May Not Know

posted in Annuity Aug 7, 2018

As a financial advisor, you’ve likely talked to many clients about annuities and how they could play a beneficial role in an individual’s overall retirement income strategy. It’s also possible that you may have met with some objections or needed to provide some clarity around annuity perceptions and reality.

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3 Things That Could Impact The Quality Of Your Clients’ Retirement

posted in Retirement Jul 31, 2018

As your clients near retirement, many of them think ahead to how they’ll spend their new-found time and look forward to pursuing the many activities they’ve anxiously anticipated “doing in retirement.” Their excitement is certainly understandable. They’ve earned their leisure time and all that goes with it.

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Managing Risk through Portfolio Diversification and Guarantees

posted in Risk Tolerance Jul 24, 2018

Your clients look to you to help them develop the right investment strategy for achieving their goals. They are equally aware that investment decisions can carry a lot of uncertainty given market volatility and complexity. Looking at a comparative history of individual asset class performance, it’s clear that consistent top performance can be elusive. Asset classes on top one year may bottom out the next, and vice versa. It’s a reality that requires active risk management to structure a solid portfolio that aligns with retirement goals.

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