CUNA Mutual Group Debuts MaxProtect™ Fixed Annuity

posted in News & Press Sep 22, 2020


Guaranteed product rounds out CUNA Mutual Group’s diverse roster of retirement solutions

MADISON, Wis. CUNA Mutual Group, a leading insurance and financial services company, announced today the launch of a new MaxProtect™ Fixed Annuity, underwritten by CMFG life Insurance Company, a multi-year guaranteed annuity providing investors a guaranteed rate of return while helping to protect their nest egg from market volatility. MaxProtect™ joins CUNA Mutual Group’s already-robust portfolio of annuities, which had fourteen mentions in Barron’s 2020 Top 100 Annuities list.

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Why a Client’s Financial Security Requires Robust Cybersecurity

posted in Client Relationships Sep 15, 2020


You’ve had many conversations with clients about their financial security, but have you talked about the potentially devastating implications of failing to consider cybersecurity?

The numbers are alarming. So far in 2020 alone, there have been 540 reported data breaches, affecting more than 163 million individuals. While massive, there were actually 33% fewer data breaches in the first half of 2020 compared to the same time period in 2019, and the number of people impacted dropped by 66% overall.1

But individuals shouldn’t take the drop in numbers as a sign that all is well.

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Can Annuities Help You Comply With Regulation Best Interest?

posted in Advanced Planning Sep 8, 2020


The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) standard went into effect June 29, 2020. According to the SEC, the new standard of conduct and disclosure requirements are intended to increase transparency for customers and maintain access and choice to a broad range of products and services.1

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401(k) Matches Slashed: 5 Ways for Investors to Respond

Sep 1, 2020


401(k) Matches Slashed: 5 Ways for Investors to Respond

Many advisors rely heavily on the concept of the employer 401(k) match as “free money,” motivating investors to take advantage of this retirement savings vehicle. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, some employers have already suspended their corporate match to employee 401(k) contributions.1 In the months following the crash that led to the recession of 2008-09, about 18.5% of employers that offered a match suspended or reduced their amounts.1

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Advisors Need to Follow Their Own Advice and Plan for the Future

posted in Estate Planning Aug 25, 2020


You’ve built a career on helping clients prepare for their retirement, but have you thought about how you’ll handle yours?

Many advisors view creating a formal succession plan as a “someday” task. This is especially true for the majority of solo financial advisors who have no plan in place. Since they make up 70% of the industry, it may be cause for concern.1 Slightly larger practices may be in better shape, but even established firms need to consider how their clients will be cared for when their advisors decide to retire.

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Should a Client Accept an Offer to Retire Early? Ask These Questions First

posted in Retirement Planning Aug 18, 2020

As a result of the global pandemic and its economic fallout, many companies are looking for ways to remain financially solvent by reducing their workforce. On top of millions of employees across the U.S. filing for unemployment, some are weighing decisions over whether to accept a voluntary buyout or early retirement package.

In addition to talking with clients about the market impact of the Coronavirus, they may come to you for advice on whether to take their employer up on such an offer. Getting answers to some of the following questions may help them determine next steps.

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Four CUNA Mutual Group Annuities Featured in Barron’s 100 Best Annuities List

posted in News & Press Aug 11, 2020


MADISON, Wis. — CUNA Mutual Group announced that it dominated the best annuities list with 14 qualifying categories among Barron’s 100 Best Annuities for 2020. With four products being featured across those 14 qualifiers, the number of CUNA Mutual Group products making the list has doubled compared to the previous year.

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CUNA Mutual Group’s Annuities Team Expands Its Speaker Series to Help Advisors Serve Clients

posted in News & Press Aug 6, 2020


The “Impact: Learning From Leaders” series features monthly industry experts

MADISON, Wis. As a means to help financial advisors better serve their clients, CUNA Mutual Group is introducing an educational call series that will cover a broad array of industry topics.

Every third Wednesday of the month, a noted guest speaker will present during the “Impact: Learning From Leaders” virtual webinar series hosted by the CUNA Mutual Group annuities team. This advice and information from industry experts will include topics that will help financial professionals handle difficult conversations and objections, build business, receive market updates, as well as cover retirement income and planning, retirement risks, behavioral finance and more.

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Understanding Unemployment Realities to Provide Investor Guidance

posted in Advanced Planning Aug 4, 2020


Life is rarely uneventful. It’s unusual to live long periods of time without some kind of curve ball or surprise.

In financial planning, there are certain instances that prompt a review of a client’s financial situation. They’re encouraged to get help from an experienced financial advisor when life events occur, such as a new birth, a death in the family, a change in health, or a significant purchase or sale of a home. A good advisor helps them to be prepared with a plan that addresses the certainty of uncertainty.

The current economic situation is resulting in a lot of life-changing events for individuals in the form of job loss or career changes. Unemployment, in particular, is a life-changing event that many are experiencing, given the pandemic. Such times of uncertainty may drive many upcoming client conversations.

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Why and When a Roth IRA Conversion Might Make Sense

posted in Advanced Planning Jul 28, 2020


Millions of Americans participate in traditional IRAs (individual retirement accounts) to build their retirement savings. While no one would argue against contributing to a retirement account on a consistent basis, the type of account those funds go into may be up for debate.

Though they have similarities, there are a number of compelling reasons you may want to advise investors to consider converting their traditional IRA over to a Roth IRA.

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