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    What Clients Need to Know About Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits

    posted in Retirement Planning Sep 14, 2021

    For retirees, the fear of losing any portion of their retirement savings is very real. Everyone in the market would love a guarantee on their return. Unfortunately, there are few guarantees when it comes to investing, especially when factoring in market turbulence, a fluctuating economy and meager interest rates. 

    Annuities with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB) rider can be appealing to clients approaching retirement because, as the name implies, the rider insures the investment and minimizes risk.

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    Be Sure to Address Significant Age Gaps in Retirement Planning for Couples

    posted in Retirement Planning Aug 31, 2021


    Even at its simplest, planning for retirement can be complicated by uncertainties. Planning for married couples only increases that complexity— and a significant age difference between spouses can make retirement decisions even more fraught for some couples.

    In general, people marry someone close in age. In fact, on average, the age gap between spouses in the U.S. is just 2.2 years.1 But it’s important to remember that averages are not a reflection of reality for many people. Plenty of married couples have a larger age gap between spouses.

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    Pandemic Fallout — Americans Delay or Cancel Retirement

    posted in Client Relationships, Retirement Planning Aug 3, 2021


    In addition to the pandemic’s impact on people’s health and emotional wellbeing, COVID-19 has taken a major toll on many Americans’ finances. As a result, you may have gotten some surprising calls from clients or discovered concerning developments when checking in with them.

    After seeing record unemployment and an economy that came to a virtual standstill, many U.S. adults were forced to shift their retirement goals as a result of the financial impact. In fact, almost one in five (19%) indicate they’ve been forced to delay retirement or not retire at all.1

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    For the Third Year Running, CUNA Mutual Group Annuities Recognized Among the Best

    posted in Retirement Planning, News & Press Jul 26, 2021

    A top U.S. weekly financial magazine has for the third year in a row recognized multiple annuity products from CUNA Mutual Group for its annual list of the best annuities available to investors, across numerous product categories. (Wondering which annuities made the lists in previous years? See our 2019 and 2020 announcements.)

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    Helping Young Adults Rebalance Work, Life and Retirement Goals

    posted in Client Relationships, Retirement Planning Jul 6, 2021


    Today’s young adults, including the youngest millennials and older members of Generation Z, are experiencing a first working decade that’s very different from those of generations before them. Among the differences: high levels of educational attainment, significant student debt, a greater proportion of gig work, fluid expectations for their career paths and a practically unfathomable retirement target date.

    Older generations may tend to judge the choices of younger people, but it’s important to recognize the ways work, life – and retirement savings – have changed over the course of decades.

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    Are Parents Who Pay for College Risking Retirement?

    posted in Retirement Planning May 18, 2021


    It’s a question that confounds some clients and probably has them turning to you for guidance: Do I save for retirement or for my child’s college education?

    The conflict may not be wholly financial. Choosing retirement over their child’s education may feel selfish to some parents, and that parental guilt has the potential to lead to poor decisions.

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    Is Early Retirement Always a Healthy Decision?

    posted in Retirement Planning Apr 13, 2021

    For many, early retirement is its own reward. Being freed from the “rat race” of long commutes, deadlines, workplace stress and continual attempts at work-life balance makes the leisurely pace of retirement just that much sweeter. Also, having the time to dedicate to a healthier lifestyle — exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep — is generally understood to contribute to a sense of well-being. The logic, then, suggests that retirement might positively influence a retiree’s health and wellness.

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    Combined Income Sources: An Answer to a Sustainable Retirement?

    posted in Retirement Planning Mar 9, 2021

    If you have clients walking through your door, they likely understand the need to supplement any Social Security benefits they’ll receive in retirement. Without question, Social Security is a relied-upon source of guaranteed income for most seniors, but its ability to serve as the sole source of income and still allow them to live a comfortable lifestyle is often insufficient.

    When your clients express concern over whether they’ll make ends meet, leveraging a combination of the following income sources may help them alleviate economic hardships in retirement.

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    10 Essential Retirement Questions to Ask Married Couples

    posted in Retirement Planning Feb 23, 2021


    Retirement can be exciting, but it’s also a major life and financial transition. The stress brought about by the inevitable changes surrounding retirement may even cause significant rifts that strain a marital relationship. Married couples who don’t have a shared vision of their golden years may need to confront what could be difficult realities, including financial discord.

    You may be in a position to help married clients who are contemplating retirement avoid some strife and/or verify that they’re on the same page when it comes to retirement finances. Read More

    America Saves Week: An Opportunity to Connect with Clients

    posted in Retirement Planning Feb 16, 2021

    If you look for a Hallmark card to recognize America Saves Week, you’ll be hard pressed to find one. Still, the annual celebration of savings held each February may serve as a great conversation starter with clients.

    In light of recent economic events and record unemployment, establishing sustainable financial practices and saving habits may be more important than ever. Consider whether this “holiday” may serve as an additional way to engage and help your clients.

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