Registration open for Better Together: The Case for Small Caps webinar on May 9

Based on its recent strong performance, many investors believe that the S&P 500 should be the lone equity investment in their portfolios. Is it a flawed strategy? Ignoring the small cap segment of the market sacrifices diversification and the potential for higher returns.

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, Rob Harvey, CFA®, Co-Head of Product Specialists and Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, provides insights during the TruStage™ Learning from Leaders webinar, Better Together: The Case for Small Caps.

As a subject matter expert for Dimensional’s equity portfolios and performance, Rob will dispel common myths associated with investing in small caps and how pairing small caps with broad indices, like the S&P 500, can provide clients with a better investment experience.

About the speaker

Rob Harvey is an Austin-based Senior Investment Strategist and Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors. Joining the firm in 2016 as an Associate Portfolio Manager, Rob has managed international, emerging markets, and domestic equity portfolios. He also worked in the firm’s London office, managing international and global equity strategies within the Portfolio Management team.

Prior to joining Dimensional, Rob worked in the treasury department of Cisco Systems, trading foreign exchange, managing fixed income portfolios, and conducting the company’s share repurchase program.

How to register

The Better Together: The Case for Small Caps webinar is slotted for morning and afternoon sessions on May 9, and registration is now open.

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