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    Don’t Wait to Reach Out & Help Your Clients Understand the Banking Crisis

    posted in Client Relationships, Retirement Planning Mar 23, 2023

    The recent collapses of Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and the federal government’s measures to protect depositors, have attracted investors’ attention—including those with portfolios intended as a source of retirement income.

    Most Americans recall the fear, uncertainty and losses of the Great Recession, so there’s plenty of worry to go around.

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    How Financial Views & Worries Are Affected by Ethnicity: New Study

    posted in Client Relationships Mar 14, 2023

    Many individuals struggle with conversations about the differences in lived experiences among people of varying racial and ethnic groups. 

    Acknowledging differences can be challenging on many levels — and yet, recognizing diverse experiences, attitudes and concerns can serve as a critical first step toward delivering more equitable client service and helping more individuals and families improve their financial wellbeing and meet their unique goals.

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    Reflecting the Past, Anticipating the Future

    posted in Client Relationships Dec 13, 2022

    There is plenty to reflect on as another year comes to a close. Granted, there are those who are eager for new beginnings after a tumultuous year of market volatility, rising inflation, political uncertainty and other challenges.

    Here at CUNA Mutual Group, however, we have nothing but gratitude for the partnerships we’ve formed and fostered in 2022, and for the confidence placed in our team and products by thousands of financial professionals across the country. Our success is a reflection of your success, and we’re thankful for any role we’ve played.

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    How to Engage Millennials and Gen Z Who Need Financial Help

    posted in Client Relationships Nov 29, 2022

    For all the stereotypes directed toward Millennials and Gen Z generations, being astute planners for retirement hasn’t typically been one of them. But financial advisors may underestimate how proactive younger generations are, despite retirement being further down the road.

    The financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic during their prime earning years, in combination with the Great Recession and other global events over the last 20 years, may have impacted these generations to a greater extent than others.

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    How Financial Advisors Can Appeal to Wealthy Investors

    posted in Client Relationships Nov 22, 2022

    It’s a common assumption that most, if not all, wealthy individuals already have financial advisors, and that could make them difficult to engage as prospects. But this isn’t always the case; some have quietly accumulated wealth over their lifetimes without the help of others — through higher earnings, real estate, employer-sponsored plans, inheritances or good old-fashioned savings (and a bit of luck).

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    5 Social Media Tips for Financial Advisors

    posted in Client Relationships Nov 1, 2022

    Chances are, your clients and prospective investors are using social media. Are you? 

    We’re not talking about personal accounts where you share family photos or a clever meme. Having a separate LinkedIn social media presence for your financial advisory services may help you connect with clients on a deeper level and extend your reach to help attract new ones.

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    Overcoming Prospect Objections: 5 Conversational Tips

    posted in Client Relationships Oct 25, 2022

    Yes, we’ve all had a similar uncomfortable social exchange at an event…

    “Hi, I’m Steve. I’m a financial advisor.”

    “Nice to meet you, Steve. I already have an advisor.”

    So, what do you say next? You could mention that the shrimp cocktail is delicious and simply move on. But, “I already have an advisor” doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change the subject. It’s possible to continue the conversation without coming off as pushy.

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    Top 7 Investor Scams to Warn Clients About

    posted in Client Relationships Oct 11, 2022

    Fraud continues to be a major problem, especially for older Americans. More than 847,000 complaints were filed with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2021 with potential losses topping nearly $7 billion. Who lost out the most? Those ages 60 and over were the most likely victims with losses of $1.68 billion — more than three times as much as some younger generations.1 

    In fact, losses for victims over age 60 increased by a whopping 74% from the previous year, with the average losses topping $18,000 each.2

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    October is Financial Planning Month: Advisor Tips for Clients

    posted in Client Relationships Sep 27, 2022

    October is a time when the harvest is in full swing for many regions of the country. Harvest time is especially satisfying for farmers who’ve planned, planted and tended the fields all summer long and finally get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Quite literally.

    Similarly, financial security doesn’t just happen overnight, or without a lot of thought, planning and riding out a few storms throughout the seasons of life. Perhaps the metaphor wasn’t lost on those who declared October as National Financial Planning Month.1 

    While some advisors may only offer a perfunctory nod to such a holiday, it could present another opportunity to share with clients how they can potentially improve their financial outlook.

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    Volatile Markets? How and When to Communicate with Clients

    posted in Client Relationships Sep 20, 2022

    Financial advisors generally understand volatility is inherent in the stock market, but the last few years have been putting every long standing assumption to the test. Between the pandemic, unemployment and financial stress, supply chain issues, the invasion of Ukraine and an entire laundry list of worldwide crises, it’s an understatement to say the markets have been on a rollercoaster.

    Even in less globally stressful times, not all clients are as immune as advisors to the ebb and flow of investing. Market dips occurring during more typical times may grip clients with fear, leading to a reactive leap out of their long-term investment strategies. Now, with all that’s been happening more recently, that fear may be amplified and lead clients to make rash decisions.

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