5 Questions to Gauge Your Client’s Interest in Guaranteed Annuities

posted in Client Relationships, Risk Control May 12, 2020

Any opportunity you have to educate clients about investment options is a good one. Portfolios with traditionally recommended platforms may not include a potentially valuable segment of investment options: annuities.

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Economic Commentary: Containment, Policymakers, and World Financial Markets

posted in Economic Commentary, Risk Control Apr 7, 2020

Although there remains enormous uncertainty regarding the immediate future, it is important to remember that financial markets are forward looking and will anticipate an improvement in economic trends well in advance of the media.

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Strengthening Client Relationships In a Time of Social Distancing

posted in Client Relationships, Risk Control Mar 29, 2020

School closings, empty concert halls, canceled tournaments, travel restrictions, social distancing...efforts to stem the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been far-reaching, and millions of Americans and countless organizations have shut their doors. Chances are, your financial firm may be among them. Suddenly, we’ve become a “work-from-home” nation.

As we watched much of the world grind to a halt, some investors watched in disbelief as the markets plunged. Advisors watched, too, wondering how they might quell their clients’ fears and guide them through these uncertain times, especially when meeting face-to-face was no longer an option.

While the current economic climate is concerning, there may be a silver lining for financial advisors.

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The Coronavirus: How to Talk with Clients About Its Market Impact

posted in Client Relationships, News & Press, Risk Control Mar 13, 2020

Fears over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its rising death toll have resulted in significant market volatility in recent weeks. The market rallied, only to fall again, then up, then…you get the idea.1 When the Federal Reserve issued an emergency rate cut in an effort to ease investor concerns, stocks experienced sharp gains yet again, only to quickly fall.2

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Why the Optimal Time for Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawals May Be Now

posted in Advanced Planning, Risk Control Feb 25, 2020

Are guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits (GLWBs) poised to have a “moment?” That’s what David Hanzlik, Vice President of Annuity and Retirement Solutions at CUNA Mutual Group concludes.1

Despite some older Americans choosing to remain in the workforce, Baby Boomers continue to retire in droves. Roughly 3.8 million Boomers will turn 65 every year during this decade, which will have a significant impact on the labor force.2 It will also have a significant impact on the income of those retirees.

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Conversation Starters: Talking With Investors During Each Phase of Life

posted in Client Relationships, Risk Control Oct 22, 2019

As we age, it’s easier to reflect back on the phases of life and appreciate the role each played in forming who we are today. There were the awkward teen years, the aspirational college years, then a career, family and maybe even a dream home. Before you know it, retirement approaches and you wonder where the time went.

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Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits: What Your Clients Need to Know

posted in Advanced Planning, Risk Control Aug 27, 2019

For retirees, the fear of losing any portion of their retirement savings is very real. Everyone in the market would love a guarantee on their return. Unfortunately, there are few guarantees when it comes to investing, especially when factoring in market turbulence, a fluctuating economy and meager interest rates. Annuities with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB) rider can be appealing to clients approaching retirement because, as the name implies, the rider insures the investment and minimizes risk.

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CUNA Mutual Group Rolls Out Zone Income™ Annuity

posted in News & Press, Risk Control Aug 20, 2019

MADISON, Wis. – CUNA Mutual Group today announced the launch of Zone Income Annuity, which includes features that address all phases of retirement, including a protected lifetime income feature that locks in a minimum income stream to the policyholder for life. The new product also expands choices of investment indexes to which holders can link performance to include the S&P 500, the Russell 2000 and the MSCI EAFE.

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The History of the Dow — Why Risk Control Matters More Than Ever

posted in Risk Control May 21, 2019

When you look back at life in America over the past 100 years or so, it’s amazing to see the progress made in society. Just a century ago, women were a year away from voting equality,1 there were only 48 stars on the U.S. flag,2 and the average number of hours worked per week was 45.6 with weekly average earnings of $25.61.3

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Is Diversification the Key to Success?

posted in Risk Control Apr 30, 2019

Taking a look at historical market performance, it’s easy to see that asset classes fall in and out of favor with great frequency.

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