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    2022 Year in Review — Takeaways for Advisors and Clients

    posted in Economic Commentary Jan 3, 2023

    After two tumultuous years dealing with the fallout of COVID-19, life for many seemed to find its rhythm in 2022. While the pandemic no longer monopolized headlines, other major events were ready to take its place.

    As we reflect on lessons from the past year, use what you’ve learned to help you navigate through 2023. To help, we’ve compiled some takeaways and our top articles from 2022.

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    Reckoning with the Cryptocurrency Collapse and Its Impact on Pensions

    posted in Economic Commentary Dec 8, 2022

    “It was nice while it lasted.”

    This sentiment is of little comfort to consumers who invested in cryptocurrency. Many felt great promise in its quick rise to prominence and potential to be the next big thing in investing. 

    But the spectacular collapse of FTX, a major international cryptocurrency trading platform, sent a shockwave throughout markets and in the hearts of digital investors.1 Digital tokens for FTX are now worthless and the digital wallets of many of its customers sit empty following its declaration of bankruptcy, a far cry from its previous $32 billion valuation.2

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    What Advisors Should Know About Cryptocurrency

    posted in Economic Commentary Apr 26, 2022

    You’ve seen the articles online. You’ve heard about it on the news. You maybe even saw some commercials related to it during the big game.

    We are, of course, talking about cryptocurrency. Have your clients asked you about this yet? While it didn’t just arrive on scene this past year or two, cryptocurrency picked up traction recently, especially as the U.S. continues to experience financial stress and market volatility.

    What should advisors know about cryptocurrency, and how can you steer your clients in the right direction?

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    2021 Year in Review for Financial Advisors and Clients

    posted in Economic Commentary Jan 11, 2022

    In many ways, 2021 felt an awful lot like 2020. The pandemic continued to devastate families, test health services, challenge communities and wreak havoc on economies, even as vaccines became broadly available in the U.S. Political tensions led to a day of rioting at the U.S. Capitol. Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions contributed to rising inflation, reported at 6.2 percent before seasonal adjustment in October.1

    Those who had hoped for a quick bounce back were disappointed, but there were beneficial outcomes to consider. Tech advances allowing for remote work led many people to re-evaluate their priorities and make adjustments. The uncertainties of the pandemic created an environment that encouraged Americans to reflect on their values, reconsider their retirement readiness and take new steps.

    These are some of our key takeaways affecting financial advisors and clients during 2021.

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    The State of Consumer Confidence Amid Low Interest Rates

    posted in Economic Commentary Oct 26, 2021


    The economy and financial markets in recent years — and particularly since the pandemic — have experienced significant volatility, with interest rates remaining low. While markets have generally rebounded since their sharp decline in spring of 2020, the looming volatility remains, and many agree that interest rates will likely remain low for the foreseeable future.

    Low interest rates have their pros and cons. For the millions of Americans entering the housing market, the historically low rates on mortgages feel like a great deal. When it comes to investing in insurance products intended to supplement a retirement plan, however, low interest rates could be viewed as a liability.

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