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    7 Tips for Proactive, Personalized Planning to Connect With Clients’ Heirs

    posted in Estate Planning Feb 1, 2022

    Several demographic shifts are getting the attention of financial advisors and their clients right now. Well before COVID-19 began circling the globe, the Great Wealth Transfer was already well underway.

    During the last two years, the pandemic has had a measurable impact on life expectancies. In addition to deaths attributed directly to the virus, the U.S. is experiencing increasing deaths due to multiple causes, with the CDC reporting a year-and-a-half drop in the average American life expectancy.1

    The pandemic also spurred shifts in employment and retirement. Along with acceleration in baby boomer retirements, other generations have begun quitting and changing jobs at a higher rate.2

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    Advisor Succession Planning

    posted in Estate Planning Aug 25, 2020


    You’ve built a career on helping clients prepare for their retirement, but have you thought about how you’ll handle yours?

    Many advisors view creating a formal succession plan as a “someday” task. This is especially true for the majority of solo financial advisors who have no plan in place. Since they make up 70% of the industry, it may be cause for concern.1 Slightly larger practices may be in better shape, but even established firms need to consider how their clients will be cared for when their advisors decide to retire.

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    Estate Planning: Don't Overlook Digital Assets

    posted in Advanced Planning, Estate Planning Nov 12, 2019

    There are many considerations when helping a client set up a will or estate plan, from assigning an executor or power of attorney, to choosing beneficiaries, to setting up a trust and more. 

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