Advisors Need to Follow Their Own Advice and Plan for the Future

posted in Estate Planning Aug 25, 2020


You’ve built a career on helping clients prepare for their retirement, but have you thought about how you’ll handle yours?

Many advisors view creating a formal succession plan as a “someday” task. This is especially true for the majority of solo financial advisors who have no plan in place. Since they make up 70% of the industry, it may be cause for concern.1 Slightly larger practices may be in better shape, but even established firms need to consider how their clients will be cared for when their advisors decide to retire.

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Widows Often Shocked by Tax Burden

posted in Estate Planning Jul 16, 2019

The classic idiom (usually attributed to Ben Franklin) is painfully true for many widows: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except for death and taxes.” While becoming a widow may result in inheriting assets from a deceased spouse — 401(k), life insurance, pension, Social Security survivor benefits — she may also be shocked by a substantial increase in income taxes and Medicare premiums.1

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Practical Advice for Clients Who Inherit Money

posted in Estate Planning Apr 2, 2019

The circumstances surrounding a large inheritance usually involve a combination of emotions — sorrow over the loss of a loved one and appreciation for the financial gain. Conflicted feelings on top of indecision about what to do with an inheritance may have clients in this situation seeking your guidance to help avoid any pitfalls.

To help clients wisely guard and grow their new-found wealth by keeping things in perspective, consider using these three steps:

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