TruStage™ Zone Income Annuity

Growth potential that starts today, plus predictable lifetime income for the future

Clients who choose TruStage™ Zone Income Annuity, underwritten by MEMBERS Life Insurance Company, can participate in index-linked gains while guaranteeing a reliable source of future funds. It’s an all-in-one retirement strategy that puts growth potential within reach yet offers a measure of downside protection — plus predictable lifetime income.

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How does TruStage™ Zone Income Annuity work?

  • Clients receive interest linked to the performance of one or more market indexes or a declared rate account1.
  • Clients choose how they’ll participate in the market by setting their guaranteed floor, ranging from 0% to -10%.
  • Clients can change their “comfort zone” every year.
  • They enjoy a Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit, or protected income for life, which has the potential to grow along with their benefit base.

Why do investors choose it?

  • They want double-digit upside growth potential.
  • They’re interested in guaranteed lifetime income.
  • They value personalized, guaranteed loss protection.
  • Flexibility allows them to adjust their custom "comfort zone" or their withdrawal payment.
  • A return of purchase payment (ROP) death benefit that ensures the client's beneficiaries will receive a sum equal to the original purchase payment adjusted for any withdrawals or for contract value, whichever is greater.
  • Allocate client purchase payments into index options or a declared rate account. Clients are able to choose a floor ranging from 0 to -10%.


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