TruStage™ MaxProtect Fixed Annuity

Bring stability to your client’s retirement strategy

For clients who want a retirement plan with growth and tax deferral without having to worry about economic or market conditions, TruStage™ MaxProtect Fixed Annuity, issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company, can offer a stable strategy. 

It’s designed to help clients precisely target their retirement goals with guaranteed rates, steady tax-deferred growth and income choices to help your clients plan ahead.

Annuities_Max Protect

How does TruStage™ MaxProtect work?

  • Clients pay no contract fees, administrative fees or upfront fees — so the money goes to work for them immediately.
  • Clients choose their guaranteed rate period of 3, 5 or 7 years with a competitive fixed rate of return.

Clients choose TruStage™ MaxProtect for stability and growth

  • Rates are guaranteed for the client’s chosen guaranteed rate period to create opportunities for growth.
  • Benefit protection for beneficiaries helps clients provide for their loved ones after they’re gone.
  • Clients can have the ability to access money in times of need.


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