TruStage™ Horizon II Annuity

A modern approach to diversification

With TruStage Horizon II Variable Annuity, underwritten by MEMBERS® Life Insurance Company, your clients can diversify their dollars for growth potential and set a personalized measure of protection against loss for a portion of their money — all in one place.

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How does TruStage™ Horizon II work?

  • Clients divide assets among multiple variable subaccounts and risk control accounts to customize and diversify.
  • One the variable side, options include funds from top-tier managers and covers the full range of asset classes.
  • Horizon II has a 6-year risk control account and surrender period.
  • Includes a return of purchase payment (ROP) death benefit that ensures the client's beneficiaries will receive a sum equal to the original purchase payment adjusted for any withdrawals, or contract value, whichever is greater.

Why do investors choose TruStage™ Horizon II?

  • It is an option for a simple yet comprehensive investment platform with a measure of personalized, guaranteed loss protection.
  • Clients can choose from among three pre-built express portfolios or an option to custom-build their own.
  • “All-in” fees are highly competitive and transparent.
  • It also features a way for clients to protect their legacy for loved ones.

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