The Coronavirus: How to Talk with Clients About Its Market Impact

posted in Cautious Investors, Volatility Mar 13, 2020

Fears over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its rising death toll have resulted in significant market volatility in recent weeks. The market rallied, only to fall again, then up, then…you get the idea.1 When the Federal Reserve issued an emergency rate cut in an effort to ease investor concerns, stocks experienced sharp gains yet again, only to quickly fall.2

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The Value of Communicating with Clients During Volatile Markets

posted in Cautious Investors Nov 6, 2018

Financial advisors generally understand and accept that volatility is inherent in the stock market, but not all clients are as immune to the natural ebb and flow of investing.1 It’s not uncommon for a market dip to grip clients with fear, and often a reactive leap out of their long-term investment strategy follows.2

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